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Carolyn Cease

Carolyn started working with Patty in October 2008.  She has lost over 25 pounds, 7 percent bodyfat, and over 9 inches in her waist.  To this date, she has managed to keep the weight and inches off.   She is so excited, she feels wonderful, thrilled with her success, and she looks fabulous.

Success Stories 

A Sweet Success 

Tim initially came to see Patty in November 2007, based on his doctor's recommendation to lose weight and to lower his lipid profile and blood pressure.   To this day, Tim has continued to increase his activity, and has significantly improved his dietary lifestyle.  He has lost 35 pounds, he runs four nine- minute miles five times per week and will train to run the Houston marathon next year.  Tim is determined to keep moving forward with his endeavor for self improvement.  He is a real sweet success!

Chris Garcia

When Patty met Chris in September, 2008, he was 27 years old, 100 pounds overweight, unable to exercise and admittedly had very unhealthy eating habits.  It wasn’t until Chris became very ill with severe diabetes symptoms - immediately requiring insulin - that he found the motivation to lose weight and to take better care of himself. Chris made great progress by January, 2009. He had shed 50 pounds and no longer needed insulin.

April 6, 2009, Chris wrote via Facebook: It’s been about 8 months since my dad and I first met with you. I just wanted to give you a positive update on my health status. When I first met with you, I believe I was weighing about 286 pounds or so, but as of this morning, I am now weighing 199 pounds. I just have 13 more pounds to go til I reach my goal weight. The last time I met with Dr. Schaffer, he could not believe my progress and according to my lab results, he says he has every reason to believe that I am no longer diabetic. That was back in January, but it’s like you told me, it’s a lifestyle change. I still continue to eat the same way you advised me to and haven’t strayed from it at all. Just wanted to say hey and thanks for all your help in helping me get my health back on track !
July 20, 2009, Chris wrote via Facebook: I have hit another big milestone in my quest to get ripped by officially losing 100 pounds. I am now at 186 pounds.

Chris is thrilled with the status of his health, and he is actively pursuing an ongoing healthy quest for a lifetime.

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Adrienne Segal

When Adrienne started working with Patty, she was weighing 307 pounds in September, 2007 with limited mobility and range of motion. After getting on the right track with healthy eating and exercise, she has lost over 135 pounds, and is now cross training with various exercise regimens in the gym. Adrienne did it without surgery, but with sheer will power and determination and the ability to transform her eating and exercise habits. Adrienne has been an exceptional client.